Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The New Normal

This summer. This summer our normal has shifted, but in reality, is there ever truly a normal?  We'll be one less adult at holidays, but one more kid. We have started at new schools, and stayed at the same. We've suffered some, enjoyed a lot, and have been thankful through it all. We've endured change, but welcomed the unchanged.

The past six months have been unpredictable and bittersweet. All I can say is that we are thankful. Thankful for everything, yes everything. And despite the uncertainty of it all, we were able to make some fantastic memories - capped off by an early fall trip up to the North Shore.

Summer has come and gone, fall has arrived, and we welcome the uncertainty of it all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Adding to the Northern Normans

So, we have some news. Meet the newest addition to the Northern Norman Clan: Cara Elisabeth.

In her short life, she's done a few things....completed the basics, hearing checked successfully- at least that's what they claimed this test was checking ;)

Had the inaugural first bath at home....with mixed results.

Driven across the country to see her grandad who is courageously battling pancreatic cancer...21 hours in the car made her a rock-star baby for sure.

We're in love, she's a perfect fit for our family.

Even when she's being a real joy....

Let's hope that we all get some of this in the days ahead.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Time Delay

It's been awhile, over 3 months, since we last updated the blog.  Why?  So here is the scoop...

We've played hard.
Two kids in soccer, one in travel soccer, resulted in many afternoons on the soccer field.  We had a fabulous fall and it was a ton of fun to watch.

We also had some Halloween fun mixed in, with a Jellyfish and Shrunken doctor roaming about.

We've traveled hard.

Joe's work took him away more over the past few months than the entire year.  He went to such places as the Philippines, Uganda, and Haiti. So very blessed that he is able to work with Training Leaders International (TLI). If you want to know more about his journey, you can follow him here. I also traveled a bit for work, but not to any such exotic locations.

We've worked hard.

Actually, Joe has worked hard in particular.  Here is some of the work-in-progress for the finished basement he completed this fall.  We are LOVING the fireplace in this winter season....even as I write this....right by the fire.

And a little thing called school started....with our first introduction to Middle School...wow.

And we have been busy baking a Bun.

Likely the most obvious (and most exciting) reason for the decreased blog activity is our impending new addition to the family.  Coming late March/early April....

Hopefully not a such a long hiatus will occur next time, although with a little one on the way, there are no promises.  

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

2,552 Miles

The mighty Mississippi River begins in Minnesota and continues for 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. It's a Minnesota bucket-list item to see the beginning of this great river, so that is precisely where we headed.
Specifically, the Mississippi River begins at Lake Itasca, in the Itasca State Park.  And much to our surprise, the headwaters travel north-east for about 80 miles prior to running south.
The kids had a great time swimming in the lake, although they did compare it to a polar plunge. They also learned that while a paddle boat seems fun...it is work to get out into the middle of a big lake.

Also within the Itasca State Park are beautiful, tall white and red pines, as well as Aspen trees - they reminded us of the nostalgic perception of the "North".

Between hiking, swimming, and eating a lot of great, gooey camp food, we had a nice celebratory weekend to end the summer and kick off the fall.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

2nd Tri

We live in an amazing community that sponsors a kids' triathlon.  Last year was a great experience for the oldest, so this year both were signed up.

In the beginning there were nerves, anxiety and general uneasiness, but then....fun.

I'm glad they are willing to try just about anything, this ability is giving both them and us memories and experiences we didn't realize possible. Maybe next time will be a true sprint tri with the oldest?  Time will only tell.